2023 Wedding Colors Trends-Green

Emerald, Sage, Olive, and Moss.. even in twenty years, you won’t regret going for these earthy hues of green. With tones available in all our fabrications, the styles and colors that match your bridal aesthetic are ready to ship in a wide variety of styles. For more options and shades of green, order swatches and place a made-to-order for any of our dresses in your favorite green palette, special shout out for Eucalyptus, Morning Mist, and Forrest. Shop green bridesmaid dresses now!

Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses

This soft, earthy shade is perfect for rustic or bohemian dresses. It's also a great choice if you want your bridesmaids to stand out from the crowd.

Moss Bridesmaid Dresses

This color is perfect for a classic outdoor wedding, moss bridesmaid dresses, and elegant sage green wedding cake. If you are loving this color theme it is a good one to have on hand since it works well with a variety of venues.

Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Another great jewel-toned shade is emerald green. It wouldn’t be a summer-themed bridesmaid dress list without mentioning green, as summer is the season of new life, where plants bloom and the trees turn green. Emerald green is a color that matches all skin tones, from the fairest pale shade to deeper, richer tones, so if your bridesmaids all have different looks, this may be a good option.

For a fresh, clean look, pair emerald green with gold and cream or white – think cream floral bouquets with lots of green foliage for a stunning, natural look. Alternatively, pair a darker emerald green with a lighter green shade such as sage for a contrast. This can be used in bridesmaid dresses, décor, wedding cake design, and invitations for a cohesive look.

Hunter Green Bridesmaid Dresses

This rich, dark shade is perfect for a winter or Christmas-themed wedding. It's also a great choice if you want your bridesmaids to stand out from the crowd.

Olive Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Olive Green is the color of peace & harmony, perfect for bringing a calming and soft vibe to your wedding day. This new shade falls between our already existing shades Dusty Sage and Juniper, to create a mix of a rich tone green with a dusty undertone.