Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses For A Winter Wedding

After finding a gorgeous winter wedding dress, it's time to focus on a different type of dress shopping: choosing cold-weather gowns for your bridesmaids. Off-season weddings have their own set of rules, which apply to your bridesmaid dresses as well.

From colors and fabrics to finding the perfect winter dress, here are seven things you'll want to keep in mind as you shop for winter bridesmaid dresses:


Opt For Heavier Fabrics

Although most cold-weather brides have their weddings indoors, there are ways to pull off an outdoor winter ceremony. If you’re serious about getting married amid a snowy landscape, you need to ensure that your bridesmaids stay warm until you say, “I do.”

One of the easiest ways to do this is by choosing heavier fabrics, such as faille, velvet or satin. These quintessential winter fabrics will add warmth to their dresses while emphasizing your cold-weather style.

Turn Up The Glam For The Evening

If your winter wedding is in the evening, you can get away with bridesmaid dresses featuring dramatic embellishments and luxe fabrics. Don’t be afraid to have your girls try on luxe, velvet bridesmaid dresses or sequined evening gowns that provide a hint of glamour and drama.


Colors Options: Whimsical Vs Dramatic

One of the best things about being a winter bride is the endless number of color options you can choose from. While most summer bridesmaids are limited to lighter colors, winter bridesmaid dresses can be bold and dark or light and whimsical.

From light pink and grey to dark green and gold, there are so many ways to have fun with your bridesmaid colors.


Choose Flattering Fits For Everyone

Your winter wedding is all about you, but it’s still important to consider what your bridesmaids have to say while you shop for dresses.

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that each member of your bridal party has a different sense of style. Although you can (and should) be the one to choose the color of their dresses, consider allowing your bridesmaids to choose the style.

Allowing them to pick a dress style that flatters them will ensure they are comfortable during the ceremony. It will also prevent feelings of resentment towards you if someone were to hate the style you chose for them.


Keep Your Bridesmaids Warm And Stylish

There are ways you can keep your bridesmaids warm without making them look silly in giant winter coats. For example, a fur coverup is a great way to keep bridesmaids from freezing during your winter ceremony.

Even if the wedding is indoors, your bridesmaids could benefit from wearing thick tights under their dresses. They can always take them off when things get hot on the dance floor.

Also, don’t forget about their footwear. There is something playful and romantic about wearing trendy winter boots underneath a cold-weather gown!

Have Fun With Your Bridesmaid’s Coverups

Bridesmaid coverups in the form of fur coats and elegant shawls are an easy way to add a hint of sophistication to your bridal party. For a gorgeous ensemble, choose bridesmaids’ coverups in a color or pattern that will pop against the color of their dresses.


Some good options are a red tartan coverup against dark blue dresses or a dramatic black fur coverup against burgundy bridesmaid dresses. However, you can also choose to blend the color of the cover-up to your bridesmaid dresses for a sleek and streamlined look.

Find Dresses Fit For A Winter Wonderland

Choosing bridesmaid dresses for your winter wedding doesn’t need to be stressful. With a few considerations and input from your bridal party, you can have a fun and memorable shopping experience that everyone will look back on with fond memories.